Reine Baz & Mariam Hamad (Grade 12 LS)

A Cure for all illnesses,

in a soothing voice she speaks.

Calming all my anxiousness,

a warmth that will always please.

Mother, have you suffered?

All my life I have never heard a weep.

For all I know you have never muttered

words that caused me fear.

You have stayed up all night,

To help me overcome my frights.

You have been there throughout my falls and plights.

Dare I ask, “Are you alright?”

Mother, it is alright!                                                                      

I know how much you have tried.

So, allow yourself to be healthy and fine

for the sake of your happiness and mine.

I beg you not to drown in your sorrows.

Life is too short. Let’s enjoy it like there’s no tomorrow.

Allow me to hold you as you have always held me,

Of the chains of this distressed world, let us be free.

I am yours as you are mine.

A form of art, so beautiful and divine,  

A never-ending love so hard to describe,

the unbreakable bond between a mother and her child.

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